On Travel: Manila Jeepney

My time in Manila was almost exclusively spent attending meetings or in the hotel churning away. This clearly didn't leave a lot of room for the viewing of all (or any) of the pretty things that I'm sure Manila has to offer. Nevertheless, when in Manila, it is impossible to avoid the jeepney. Back when the U.S. was leaving the Philippines after WWII, they left a bunch of their military jeeps behind. The ingenious local population, converted those jeeps into modern day colorful buses that shuttle citizens around the city. Obviously, I was fascinated and managed to grab these shots of the buses zooming past. I love the abstract effect produced.

While my view of "pretty things" have been very limited, the trip so far has been wonderful! Since my ignorant start, my knowledge about the Philippines has increased exponentially. I've also had the opportunity to meet with really cool people (think the equivalent of meeting with Obama's "people"), and learn first hand what's going on in the country in terms of so many sectors.

I'm off to another part of the country, but look forward to being back in Manila next week to poke around a bit more!

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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