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When it comes to design tastes, I've generally always been in favor of your more 'classic' 'vintage' look....'modern' just hasn't been my style. But I recently went into a very cool shop in DC called Millennium Decorative Arts that focuses on 50s and 60s modern furnishings and just LOVED it. I came away with this very cute little footstool.

I loved the simplicity of the design and that I think it will look great against something very colorful (I have a LOT of African textiles that I am planning to put into full use in my apartment as soon as I pull it together).

Anyway, this got me thinking back to my trip to Amaridian from this summer and thinking about what types of modern furnishings are coming out of Africa. Through some little research because he seems to be so popular in the world of people who love modern designs, I found out about South African - Haldane Martin. His work is very chic and I can imagine his pieces in my little apartment.

This pouff is awesome and could make a great alternative to an ottoman. Slap a darker wood serving tray and I'd be using this as an alternative to a coffee table/ instant footstool when zoned out on the couch with a glass of wine.

This chair would be perfect as a part of my patio or even as part of the living room. The designer also gives a very cool description of how he basically trained with a Zulu Mama (hence the name of the chair) and what it means to him. Click here to listen to his chat regarding the chair.

See how the chair is used as part of the living room? And isn't this feathered lamp AMAZING?!?! Of course, me being me, I would take all those small cushions and replace them with something like this. You can also read a little interview right here at Elle Decoration SA.

Also from South Africa is the design team at Casamento which produced this fabulous pair of leather chairs and dining set!!Anyway, I love being reminded that one can also find great modern designs (and designers) coming out of Africa all trying to make furnishings that are reflective of their experiences and culture.

Now the trick is to physically get hold of such pieces for a price worthy of this current economy!!!

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